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How to apply

We aim to make our process as smooth as possible, but there are some things we need to know about you

One of the way to apply to harken house is write to us

Write to us

If you are incarcerated, write us a letter asking for our help. We will mail you an application so we may learn a little bit about your story. If you meet the basic qualifications, we will coordinate with your facility’s staff to conduct a teleconference interview. If we feel you would be a suitable candidate, we will provide you with a letter to share with the parole board indicating your acceptance into our program if we have an available bed at the time of your release and if you are accepted by the local parole agent.

If you are a family member or friend of an incarcerated loved one who could use our help, and they meet our basic qualifications, have them write to us for an application or mail them an application yourself.

Second way to apply to harken house is come for an interview

Special note to families and friends

Although we understand how much you want your loved one to be accepted into the Hearken House Ministry program, we need to hear directly from every candidate. We do not accept third-party requests for admission. You may contact us with questions and to facilitate their transportation, but an individual pressured into participation is unlikely to be admitted. The candidate must be able to demonstrate their own motivation and commitment to the program. So have your loved one write to us, requesting an application, or download the application from our website and mail it to your loved one.

Basic steps...

1.  You write us a letter asking for help

2. We send you an application

3. You complete and return the application

4. If you meet the basic qualifications, we coordinate an interview

5. We conduct the interview

6. If you are determined to be a good fit, we send you a letter to share with the parole board

7. If paroled, and a bed is available, and the local parole agent accepts you, we will arrange for your transportation to our facility on your release date 

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